forward thinking technology for forward thinking spine surgeons.

At VTI, we’ve given the science of minimally invasive back surgery a big push forward. Now, contemporary, patient-centric spine surgeons have a contemporary spinal fusion alternative for implanting a large footprint device through a minimally invasive approach.

With a biomechanically optimized shape that matches the contours of the vertebrae, each implantable device is customized through our proprietary intra-operative assembly technology to fit the unique anatomical shape and size of each patient’s disc space. Without question, InterFuse is the superior way to deftly create a large footprint implant through a small access channel approach. The result is a less invasive implantation that achieves big time clinical fusion results. With InterFuse, we’ve pushed lumbar fusion surgery into bold and revolutionary new directions.

And now we’re looking for forward-thinking back surgeons willing to do the same.