ALIF Footprint. Less Invasive. Fusion Without Compromise.

Vertebral Technologies has created breakthrough implantable spinal devices based on a proprietary intra-operative assembly™ technology. Explore our site to learn more about:

Interbody Fusion System
InterFuse S, InterFuse L and InterFuse T

FDA Cleared
The InterFuse S device was designed to enable spine surgeons to achieve an ALIF-sized footprint* while utilizing a familiar, less invasive posterior approach. The InterFuse T device is inserted through the popular transforaminal approach. The InterFuse L uses VTIs patented modular insertion technique to provide a large lateral footprint through a significantly smaller lateral access channel. The InterFuse L alpha launch is scheduled for mid-November.
* Data on file with VTI.
InterCushion® Disc Nucleus Replacement System
Currently In Development
Designed to relieve pain, preserve motion and allow patients to resume activities of daily living. The InterCushion device is implanted through a familiar, less invasive posterior approach. Using the same intra-operative assembly technology employed in the InterFuse device, the InterCushion device enables spine surgeons to build a large, customized, anatomical footprint.

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